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Equality & Section 75

The Board and Chief Executive are committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity by the CITB NI.  Additionally CITB NI is fully committed to the fulfillment of its statutory obligations, under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act, for the promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations.

CITB NI's commitment is set out in the Equal Opportunities Policy and the Equality Scheme relates to how CITB NI carries out all its functions, powers and duties relating to Northern Ireland.  The action plan linked to the Equality Scheme can be viewed here. CITB NI will endeavour to use its position as a major influencer, facilitator and provider of training services to advise and lead the construction industry in the improvement of equality of opportunity and the access to training and employment for all.

CITB NI has also published a Disability Action Plan. CITB NI reports annually on progress on Section 75 of the NI Act 1998 and Section 49 A of the Disability Discrimination Order 2006 and our latest report can be accessed here.

CITB NI have updated Equality Screening on Levy Order 2023.  A copy of the document is available here

CITB NI have also updated our Flexible Working Policy 2023. A copy of the document is available here.