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Get Started

It’s all about working together.  Choose a career in construction and you won’t be starting out on your own.  You’ll be joining a team of specialist people all working together to build a strong, long-lasting future.  Whatever your role in the industry, if it’s as a bricklayer or plasterer, civil engineer, architect or construction manager, every team member is as important as the next.  So, whether your talent is working with your head or your hands, you can be sure there’s a career in construction for you. 
In this section you will find out about the many varied roles in construction, you can check out the pathway through the routes into construction detailed on the progression map, see the latest data for the industry, including some examples of wages and even take a personality quiz to find out which construction personality type you are!
  • Built Environment Careers Video


    With varied and wide-ranging opportunities, a career in construction is challenging, exciting and rewarding. Watch our video to find out a little bit more about what a career in the built enviroment means.
  • Roles

    Find out about the different roles in construction

  • Case Studies

    Check out case study videos and stories of people in construction sharing their careers journey and experiences of working in the industry.

  • Personality Quiz

    Take the GoConstruct personality quiz to find out what construction personality type you are

  • Interactive Construction Site

    Try out the ‘Go Construct’ interactive construction site to discover different construction roles. Design your explorer, give them a name, and get started! Tap your way through meeting construction workers and learning about the job roles.


  • Go Construct

    CITB in Great Britain who have developed a recruitment and careers website called Go Construct. This is predominantly aimed at England, Scotland and Wales but much of it will be useful and of interest to individuals and businesses based in NI