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    Data Analytics & Automation in Construction Webinar

    Wednesday 08 Dec 2021 - Wednesday 08 Dec 2021
    This session will provide attendees with a overview of how technology, automation and data analytics is being used within the construction industry to support data driven decision making and  to streamline operational processes.

    How to Develop a Communications Strategy for your Small Construction Business Webinar

    Wednesday 19 Jan 2022 - Wednesday 19 Jan 2022
    This webinar will give attendees the knowledge and tools that are required to develop a digital communications strategy for a construction business.

    GDPR & Cyber Security Webinar

    Wednesday 26 Jan 2022 - Wednesday 26 Jan 2022
    This session will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of GDPR , providing practical understanding and legal implications of the legislation. The session will also explore what Cyber Security is, its component parts and what is recommended to be put into place for businesses to minimise risk of systems being compromised and data being stolen.

    Interactive Introductory Digital Marketing & Social Media Online Webinar

    Wednesday 23 Feb 2022 - Wednesday 23 Feb 2022
    This webinar will give attendees a strong understanding of the digital marketing channels available to
    use in their business to reach new customers and generate leads.

    Popular digital marketing channels will be explained in detail with real life examples provided. Activities
    will be included throughout the training so attendees can apply this knowledge directly to their own organisation.

    Advanced Digital Marketing & Social Media for Construction Webinar

    Wednesday 30 Mar 2022 - Wednesday 30 Mar 2022
    Attendees will have the opportunity to develop their digital skills through this webinar building on their current digital marketing knowledge. New concepts will be explained clearly using examples throughout and attendees will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to their own organisation.

    Annual Construction Law Update Webinar

    Wednesday 06 Apr 2022 - Wednesday 06 Apr 2022
    Understanding the relevant legal framework is very important for every business including construction. This webinar will provide a summary of the main recent changes in construction legislation and other relevant legal developments.

    Social Media for the Construction Industry Webinar

    Wednesday 27 Apr 2022 - Wednesday 27 Apr 2022
    This webinar will give attendees a strong understanding of the latest changes in social media as well as the popularity of social media channels. Attendees will be guided on how to create content calendars to streamline posts well in advance and what ads to run.

    Google Ads for the Construction Industry Webinar

    Wednesday 15 Jun 2022 - Wednesday 15 Jun 2022
    This webinar will explain the format of Google Ads available for businesses that want to reach potential audiences and want people to re-engage.