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Funded Projects

In recent years CITB NI has endeavoured to obtain additional funding from external bodies to help it address the training needs of the industry including specialist sectors. 

Horizon 2020 BIMcert Project

CITB NI in partnership with Belfast Met and other European project partners from Ireland, Portugal, Croatia and Macedonia have secured a €1.25M (£1.11m) Horizon 2020 grant to develop BIMcert - a training model and toolkit to help all levels of the industry take their first, or next, step to working with BIM.
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is key to the built environment, as digital and virtual reality technology provides enhanced management on all aspects of the project lifecycle by all parties involved.
About the project
The project aims to develop a suite of training tools and electronic platform for any EU training provider to adopt and develop BIM/digital construction skills throughout the industry. The intention is to ensure that all within the industry have a training module that will help them access and use the Information and visual Modelling that BIM / Digital Construction provides.

Industry Consultation
CITB NI conducted a survey across 5 countries in four languages, to identify the current level of BIM maturity, knowledge and understanding within Built Environment practitioners and academia, to establish current levels of sustainable design and construction practice.
To confirm the survey findings match industry requirements, all 5 partner countries hosted focus group / reality check workshops, the findings are being used by the developers to compile the concept and methodologies along with the curriculum and training materials development.

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British Council

  1. The British Council project to support a training initiative in Nigeria is progressing.  CITB NI involvement is to conduct discussions with Nigerian Government representatives and industry stakeholders and advise on developing the initiative.
  1. The initiative will aim to create a system whereby construction can be used to induct and train the workforce, based on the CITB NI Qualifying the Experianced Workforce model which proved to be a big success in helping the NI sector qualify its experienced workforce.
  1. The benefits would be two-fold.  Firstly to promote the UK model of qualifications development and therefore open the Nigerian market to UK companies (both construction and qualification provision).  Secondly the aim of CITB NI is to promote NI companies and education providers to partner with Nigerian based companies in what is the largest and fastest growing construction economy in Africa.

Skills in the Heritage Sector in Northern Ireland Research

Funded by the Department for Communities with a contribution in kind from CITB NI this research aims to refresh the 2009 Traditional Building Craft Skills Assessing the Need, Meeting the Challenge, Skills Needs Analysis of the Built Heritage Sector in Ireland, but for Northern Ireland only.  The research will provide an overview of the current situation in the heritage sector in Northern Ireland in terms of demand for and supply of skills and training provision and to provide a number of recommendations to assist the sector to develop its training capacity going forward.