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CITB NI Continue to Support local Schools with GCSE resources

CITB NI has developed a textbook to support the GCSE in Construction and the Built Environment subject and for the third year in a row is providing 25 complimentary copies to each of the 46 schools that teaches the subject

GCSE in Construction and the Built Environment provides students with a realistic understanding and experience of modern-day practices in the construction industry and helps develop their knowledge of the construction industry and the built environment. The textbook contains all the essential underpinning knowledge required of a student who has never studied construction before and who wishes to explore the subject for the first time.
Barry Neilson, Chief Executive, CITB NI said, “Construction is a rewarding industry with a variety of opportunities on offer from project management to onsite roles with prospects for career enhancement and good earning potential. The popularity of the subject is growing and approximately 7500 pupils have undertaken the qualification over the past decade. We understand the pressure on school budgets and the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on the education sector. We are delighted to present 25 complimentary books to each school providing the GCSE in Construction again this year.. This will provide students with effective support material for the subject and may be a potential steppingstone in the right direction for a future career in construction. This year CITB NI has launched a new bursary award aimed at encouraging school leavers to consider a career in construction and undertake a third level Built Environment related qualification. Applications are now open for 12 first year, full time students to apply for a £1000 towards the costs of their training. “

Mr Sean Sloan, Principal, Abbey Christian Brothers, Grammar School  Newry said  “We would like to thank CITB NI for the complimentary copies of the GCSE Construction and Built Environment text book, it is an excellent resource for both students and teachers within the school. It is a very popular subject which has grown considerably over the past few years within the school and provides an excellent foundation for a construction career.”