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CITB NI has a regular programme of research aimed at identifying the skills needed to improve the industry's
competitiveness. This contributes towards the evidence that we need to make strategic decisions, to allocate resources and to form the building blocks for change and improvements in performance for those who use and work in construction.Jack_Ditchburn_Cold_Form_Steel_Frame_2_12748_Unknown-(1).jpg

Our research will be of interest to various stakeholders including Government, Further Education (FE) colleges, Higher Education (HE) institutions, private training providers, larger construction companies and careers advisers.
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research planned by CITB NI in 2021.

CITB NI 2019 Research Schedule

Covid-19 - Impact on NI Construction Industry Survey

Annual Skills Statement

The purpose of the Skills Statement is to provide the reader with a synopsis of these research findings and to give an overview of the current and future skills and training needs of the industry.  The findings should be of interest to construction employers and employees, private & public training providers, trade bodies, Councils and MLA’s. 
As the construction industry is constantly changing and developing, this Skills Statement cannot possibly be exhaustive but is meant to be indicative of the skills and training needs of the industry. 

Download the Annual Skills Statement September 2019 here

Flooring Sector Research

Earlier this training year CITB NI visited a number of  flooring sector companies across Northern Ireland to help identify training needs for the flooring sector and to update companies on the latest CITB NI products and services. 
There are several issues arising from the findings, e.g. apprentices and product training and it is our recommendation that a Flooring Sector Training Group be established to work in partnership with CITB NI to address the issues raised and to develop solutions. Download full report here..

24 representatives from the industry attended a meeting in September 2018 in CITB NI to discuss the report findings and try address the issues.

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