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CITB NI has a regular programme of research aimed at identifying the skills needed to improve the industry's
competitiveness. This contributes towards the evidence that we need to make strategic decisions, to allocate resources and to form the building blocks for change and improvements in performance for those who use and work in construction.
Our research will be of interest to various stakeholders including Government, Further Education (FE) colleges, Higher Education (HE) institutions, private training providers, larger construction companies and careers advisers.

Annual Skills Statement

The purpose of the Skills Statement is to provide the reader with an overview of the current and future skills and training needs of the industry from a range of data sources.  The findings should be of interest to construction employers and employees, private & public training providers, trade bodies, Councils and MLA’s. As the construction industry is constantly changing and developing, this Skills Statement cannot possibly be exhaustive but is meant to be indicative of the skills and training needs of the industry at the point of publication.. 

Download the Annual Skills Statement July 2023 here.


Careers Key Activities 2024

This infographic has been produced to highlight some of our careers work and recent research findings of interest to
the NI construction sector.


Latest Research

Workforce Mobility Research Aug 2023