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NOS for Employers

For Employers and businesses

Employers can use Occupational Standards (NOS) to assist with a range of activities in the workplace:
Business Planning

Managers can use NOS to:

  •  - Describe the skills they need in their workforce
  •  - Assess the skills already in the workforce
  •  - Develop training and recruitment plans to fill any identified gaps and shortages.

  Selection and Recruitment

  •  - NOS can be used to form the basis of job descriptions
  •  - NOS can assist with staff retention

Staff Development

NOS contain descriptions of good practice and can be used as the basis for setting objectives in performance and appraisal.

Developing and Evaluating Training

Training plans and training courses can be developed to meet both organisational and individual learning needs. NOS can be used to inform the content of training as they specify in detail what constitutes good practice. They can also be used to evaluate training by defining the expected outcomes.


The NOS provide an excellent basis from which to develop bench marking exercises either internally or to compare with other similar organisations.