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NOS for Training providers

For regulatory authorities, awarding bodies & education/training providers.

Regulatory authorities will be able to use the NOS Directory to find out what NOS exist in sectors and occupations to assist them in approving qualifications.

men-on-site-social.jpgAwarding bodies can use NOS to develop training and qualifications. NOS will identify learning and skills needs in a particular sector or occupation and can act as the basis for qualifications.
Education and training providers may find Occupational Standards (NOS) useful for the following:

Mapping Provision

Education and training providers can map their current provision of courses and workshops against the relevant NOS. This enables providers to identify gaps in provision, and can highlight where there is a need to update material to    include new areas or to remove materials which are out of date.

New Provision

Education and training providers can also use NOS to develop entirely new courses basing the syllabus on the units of competence which make up the NOS.