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Tender Opportunity for speakers to deliver to deliver short training sessions

CITB NI is planning to deliver a series of events, each on a set topic, between September 2019 and August 2020 at a number of locations across Northern Ireland for the construction industry. As such we are seeking speakers to deliver a session of no more than three hours at each of these events. In addition to the delivery of these events, for certain topics, we would like to develop a short video taster training of no more than 30 minutes in duration. The winning tenderer will deliver a talk which will be recorded on video by CITB NI. CITB NI will edit the video and incorporate a set of associated slides provided by the supplier.


Course Number of Events Length of Event Video Taster Course Required
Introductory Digital & Social Media 2 ½ day  
Advanced Digital & Social Media 2 ½ day  
GDPR & Cyber Security 2 ½ day y
Emerging Technologies e.g. robots, AI, new products [plastic roads, self-healing concrete, wearable safety and GPS kit], AR/VR etc. (Not BIM) 2 ½ day  
Drone Usage & Legal Responsibilities 2 ½ day y
Legislative Changes - Building Regulations, Dispute Resolution, Modern Slavery, new forms of contract. 2 ½ day  
BIM for small businesses - Get ready. Aimed at companies with 1-50 employees covering three areas:
BIM for Small Companies
CPD Policy on BIM (procurement)
What training is available
2 ½ day y
Further Requirements
  • Presentations should last approximately three hours including a 15-minute question and answer session.
  • During the presentation, tenderers may introduce themselves and their background briefly but must not attempt to sell / promote their organisations, products or services.
  • Tenderers must use the CITB NI PowerPoint template and provide the slides one week before the event so that handouts can be prepared.
  • Tenderers must encourage further training as part of their presentation.
  • Examples from the construction industry should be used wherever possible.
Information for Tenderers
  • Tenders may be submitted for one or more topics.
  • Tenderers should provide a short proposal outlining the topic areas / key points / messages they would include in their presentation (no more than one page per topic area).
  • Tenderers must outline previous relevant experience in delivering training in the topic(s) being tendered for (no more than one page).
  • Please outline the number of hours required and your hourly rate +VAT. You may estimate 4 hours for attendance at the half day event (3 hour presentation and 30 mins before and after) and 2 hours for recording the online video. The number of hours required for preparation etc. is up to you to determine.
  • The maximum budget for travel is 0.45p per mile.
  • Submissions must be received no later than Friday 9th August at 12 noon to the following e-mail address: