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'Real Training in a Virtual Environment'

VET360 brings work locations into a comfortable and accessible area where the viewer becomes immersed and integrated into the environment in total safety.
VET360 allows greater understanding and awareness of the work location. It improves design, planning, induction, briefings and training. Any potential safety risks are made obsolete by removing the need for access to the work location but are displayed as a virtual environment to simulate real life situations.


  • Viewers can experience real time situations and identify hazards in complete safety
  • Work location training and assessment can be conducted in a risk free environment
  • The sound and vision approach will improve awareness, understanding and knowledge
  • It will improve design, planning, production and operations management
  • It will raise awareness and understanding of health & safety issues
This unique and memorable experience has many potential applications and can be used to capture a virtual version of your construction site or work location. We can quickly capture your training or assessment needs using advanced camera technology, and then deliver the video produced in 360 degree imagery in our Virtual Environment Training Facility.

Multi-Use Applications

  • Risk Assessment Training
Improve risk assessments as teams can safely inspect potentially hazardous workplaces to spot hazards, assess risks and suggest solutions. Visual feedback creates discussion and a team learning environment.
  • Briefing and Induction
Reduce site travel costs by touring large complex facilities and be able to explain operations and procedures in comfort without exposure to the elements and potential hazardous conditions.
  • Construction Phase or Process Management
Virtual site or work location visits increases operational efficiency by reduce planning mistakes. Hold multi-disciplinary meetings at any time. Instantly ‘visit’ your site or work location and understand production issues, interactions or design issues.
  • Behavioural Training
Recreate complex scenarios & group dynamics in real workplaces for more consistent and cost effective training. Ideal for conflict resolution, customer interaction simulation or identification of poor working practices.
  • Health & Safety
 Take people through a whole site induction; identify hazards in potentially dangerous situations while not exposing individuals to risk. It is designed to handle dynamic and complex environments providing safe exposure to hazardous processes.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
 Use VET360 to assist design and client interpretation of your building. Conduct cross disciplinary meetings to discuss design issues while ‘standing in side’ your yet to be built building. Win contract bids by giving the client a ‘virtual’ tour of his building. 

Interested?   Download the detailed flyer for further information.